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Aquatic Resource Restoration Company owns and operates a 12+acre nursery facility in Glen Rock, PA. The Southern Central Pennsylvania Piedmont provides ideal conditions for propagating and growing plants native to the Mid-Atlantic Region. ARRC focuses in providing and contract growing native plant material commonly used in reforestation / forestation, wetland and stream restoration, bio-engineering, food plots and native landscaping. Throughout the planting season ARRC nursery maintains an inventory of over 350,000 plants covering over 150 species of native perennials, ground covers, wetland and upland plants, shrubs and trees.

ARRC nursery staff collaborates with ARRC consulting to provide turnkey insight on selecting and producing appropriate plants for all environmental project needs. By utilizing experienced staff in both nursery and application methods ARRC nursery provides plant material specific to current industry methods.

Besides supplying bare root, container, and B&B nursery stock ARRC nursery also specializes in propagating and preparing bio-engineering material to be used in stream, wetland, and storm-water BMPs. ARRC sets aside over 3 acres of propagation area specific to various willows, dogwoods and other facultative wet plants that can be processed for bio-engineering specifications. This includes live stakes, live whips, fascines, live posts, rooted cuttings, live brush bundles.

ARRC staff is happy to contact grow or custom process bio-engineering and plant materials to your specific project needs. Whether plant material is needed for upland, wetland or biomass, ARRC nursery supplies plants that will meet most any project needs.

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Available Inventory 5.6.2020

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