Bullfrog Valley Stream Restoration & Deer Run Stream Restoration

Watershed: Swatara Creek
Project Location: Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
Date Of Completion: December 2023
Highlights: Stream Restoration, Sediment Reduction

This project was completed for Derry Township as part of their MS4 (sediment and nutrient reduction) requirements and consisted of two parts: Bullfrog Valley and Deer Run. The focus of these initiatives was to improve stream bank stability and restore connectivity to the existing floodplain while addressing sediment erosion downstream. Additionally, nutrient- and sediment-trapping areas were integrated into the existing floodplain.

Both projects featured the installation of various stream structures, including boulder placements, riffles, j-hook vanes, rock vanes and rock cross vanes, aimed at reducing energy flow during flooding and enhancing habitat conditions.

Native planting played a pivotal role in both projects; approximately 7,900 live stakes, 2,300 tree and shrub seedlings, 9,000 plugs, and 2,150 linear feet of brush mattress, including 300-plus live fascines, were all planted within the streambank and floodplain areas.