Patuxent Mitigation Bank

Watershed: Patuxent River
Project Location: Woodbine, Maryland
Date Of Completion: November 2023
Highlights: Floodplain Restoration, Habitat Enhancement, Stream Restoration

In partnership with Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc., ARRC restored a large reach of stream on Cabin Creek connecting to the Patuxent River as part of a mitigation bank. The primary objective of this project was to restore the impaired resources, as well as the aquatic and terrestrial habitats within the designated area.

The project consisted of a full channel re-alignment with the placement of cross-rock vanes to act as grade control structures. Additional stream structures, including digger logs, toe wood along the stream banks and strategically placed boulders, were implemented to enhance stream bank stability and foster aquatic habitat.

To reinforce and fortify the channel bank and floodplain surface, more than 12,000 trees and shrubs were meticulously planted on-site, emphasizing the development of a dense riparian root system.

Overall, the project was an ecological omphalos, totaling 10,286 linear feet of stream restoration, 1,143 linear feet of stream preservation, two acres of wetland enhancement, 33 acres of wetland restoration, 10 acres of wetland preservation and eight acres of wetland buffer enhancement, all of which is protected under permanent conservation easement.