Peters Creek

Watershed: Peters Creek Habitat Restoration
Project Location: Fulton Township, Pennsylvania
Date Of Completion: March 2023
Highlights: Design/build, Habitat Enhancement, Stream Restoration

In collaboration with Donegal Trout Unlimited, ARRC designed and constructed habitat restoration along Peter’s Creek. This project stood out because Peters Creek contains both wild trout and the threatened Chesapeake Log Perch. Implementing the construction of cross-channel structures, such as cross-rock vanes, required a method that ensured fish passage for the Log Perch during low-flow events. ARRC constructed the cross-rock vanes with a low profile and broken throat, creating gaps between the top of the rocks. This construction style allows for fish passage while still maintaining the structure’s grade control function.

ARRC’s experienced team made in-field adjustments regarding structure placement based on bedrock features and backwater from the Susquehanna River. Lateral bank structures, such as modified mudsill, not only increased fish habitat but also adjusted the width-depth ratio in the stream and enhanced the longevity of the structures. Maintaining the proper width-depth ratio in this system facilitates the stratification of fine sediment particles out of the main flow path through this stream section. Consequently, coarser gravels and detritus are available for macroinvertebrate habitat.

Overall, the project included grade control structures, habitat structures, and bank armoring, including the installation of two rock cross vanes, two hardened riffles, three log vanes, four digger logs, 775 feet of modified mudsill, 100 feet of log sill/channel block, 235 feet of bank full bench, 262 feet of rock toe/sawtooth deflectors, and six random boulder clusters. The restoration significantly increased fish habitat, promoted a pool/riffle sequence, and stabilized banks to prevent further erosion.