Relevant Education:

B.S., Agronomy, 1987, University of Maryland
Engineering Technician Level III NICET

Relevant Training:

‘Applied Fluvial Geomorphology’ Pagosa Springs, CO
‘River Morphology and Applications’ Pagosa Springs, CO
‘River Assessment and Monitoring’ Pagosa Springs, CO
‘River Restoration and Natural Channel Design’, Pagosa Springs, CO

Professional Training:

Mr. Irwin’s 30 year professional career has focused on identifying, analyzing, and mitigating potential negative impacts to our natural resources. His project experience includes watershed assessment, stream restoration, storm water management, erosion control planning, wetland delineation and mitigation design, and water quality studies. For the past 15 years, Mr. Irwin has concentrated his efforts on applying the principles of natural channel design along with environmental construction projects.

Mr. Irwin is both specially trained and highly experienced in the assessment, restoration, and enhancement of streams using fluvial geomorphology methods. His field experience includes stream and river classification, field data collection associated with stream dimension, pattern, and profile, watershed monitoring assessments, and streambank stability evaluations. Mr. Irwin uses the resulting data to prioritize impaired streams and develop watershed restoration plans.

Mr. Irwin has extensive experience in the construction of stream restoration and wetland mitigation projects, site work and other environmental construction projects. As Director of Construction, Mr. Irwin coordinates labor, material, and scheduling of projects. He oversees construction ensuring effectiveness, and operates equipment regularly to construct specialized detailed installation projects. Stream restoration experience includes various design and implementation strategies, including FGM on over 20+ miles of stream.

Relevant Project Experience:

Wetland Restoration/Mitigation
During the last 25 years over 400+ acres of wetland restoration and/or mitigation design has been completed for both private and municipal projects throughout a 5 state region. Projects have ranged from less than 1 acre to over 28 acres in size. Projects have provided restoration of converted wetland habitats and creation of new wetland habitats. Wetland projects include the following types: Forested, emergent, scrub shrub, shallow water and vernal pools.

Ohio – American Landfill construction and over site of a 10 acre wetland for the existing landfill expansion. The project value $165,000.00
Laurel Maryland – Constructed and planted a 28 acre mixed emergent scrub shrub wetland as the largest private wetland mitigation bank in the state of Maryland. The project value $583,000.00
Pennsylvania – Constructed 22 acres of wetlands utilized for the I-99 highway mitigation bank in Port Matilda, PA. The wetlands were designed as emergent wetlands. ARRC assisted in field modifications that saved $25,000.00 in excavation cost which allow the construction of an additional two acres of wetland area. The project value $591,492.00